To the Winners!


The 2013 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade launched the new year, Philadelphia-style! Thousands of strutters celebrating the new year and writing another chapter in the history of the Mummers tradition.

2-2013-Mummers-9906-150x150A salute to the Murray Comic Club for another big win and to Murray’s winning Captain Dennis Pellegrino.

The Goodtimers Comic Club scored in the comic brigade category with Rabble Rousers NYB and their theme, “Scrapitalism.” B. Love Strutters and Jesters take 2nd and 3rd. Last year’s winners, Two Street Stompers finish a strong 4th.


Congratulations to Jackie Bam Bam of Golden Sunrise. The Alice Cooper of Mummery takes 1st Prize for his “Black Magic” in the Handsome Costume category of the Fancies.  John Lucas builds a great suit.

2-2013-Mummers-0556-150x150Hog Island takes first prize among the Fancy Clubs.

Golden Sunrise’s Matt Glovacz with that awesome engine and box car takes 1st Prize Fancy Captain.  The Hog’s “Polynesian Volcano Dancer” with Bryanne Hornung takes 1st in the King Clown category ,“Flight of the Monarch” with Bill Chischnijak wins King Jockey, and “Guardian of the Crown” with Jesse, Tabitha and Shannon win Handsome Trim.


Bryson wins! Congrats Pop, and a tip of the bonnet to Bryson Captain Eddie “Gootch” Bryson for winning 1st  Prize Captain in the Wench Brigade Division. Bryson NYB takes 1st Prize among the wenches for their “Fight Like A Lady” theme in beautiful pink and white. Great job, great cause, heart-felt.

JHJ Saints finish a good 2nd; George Stewart’s Pirates a strong third.

2013-01-01_17-12-13_876In the String Band Division, Fralinger overcame the fire and last year’s un-Fralinger like finish in results and came “Back From the Dead” to win 1st Prize with their haunting, zombie like theme.  However, it was close. Just 6-tenths of a point separates Fralinger and number 2 Quaker City String Band, who delivered a textbook performance that will have fans of each club debating for years. Woodland performed as Champions and finished a strong 3rd this year. South-Philadelphia-String-Band-Mummers-Parade-2013-0916-150x150

South Philadelphia comes in 4th; Ferko 5th.  Hegeman with its exquisite 1960’s London love story finishes 6th. Avalon-7th; Aqua-8th; Polish American 9th and Uptown 10th. Rounding out the field are Pennsport, Duffy, Broomall, Durning, Greater Kensington,Greater Overbrook and Trilby.  Congratulations to Felicia Kaminski and Anthony Mulzet on their engagement!

Congratulations to Fralinger Captain Thomas D’Amore for winning 1st prize Captain again. Jack Hee takes 2nd prize again. Wonderful entrance, Jack, from the elephant.  Denny Palandro takes 3rd. Great performance by Ryan Radcliffe lifts him to 4th. Charlie Roetz takes 5th, followed by Charlie Nicholas, John Baron, new Captain Nick Magenta, and Ron Iannacone who completes the top ten.

Congratulations to South Philly Vikings and to new Captain, Gerald Roccia for finishing 1st in the Fancy Brigade Finale and 1st among Captains with their performance of “RU Game.” Downtowners take 2nd and Saturnalian 3rd. Avenuers are 4th and Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars are 5th.  Bob Fitzmaurice takes 2nd in the Captain’s category; Frank DeVito ,3rd.

Enjoy the moment!

Mummer Power

Great turnout last night at SugarHouse Casino for the annual Mummers Against Cancer event in Philadelphia.  Mike and Deb, and daughter Debbie, worked hard to put on the event and carry it off. That’s Deb and Deb to the left.

The proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society.

SugarHouse also contributed to the success of the event with the venue and with a card deal for supporters of Mummers Against Cancer.

The band, Big House, also rocked part of the SugarHouse Casino.

As we say goodbye to the first weeks of spring, we look back and see it’s been an active period in the world of Mummery.  The String Band Association held its annual banquet at the Union League.  President Marty Good led the recognition of the participants and award winners from New Year’s Day, plus the special honorees, including the new Hall of Fame members.  Congratulations to all.

Great banquets as well by the Wench Brigade Association and by the Fancy Division and Fancy Brigade Association.






Murray Comic Club held its annual  banquet, which is always a fun time.  Murray also excels with its annual Easter Seals drive.

Woodland String Band held its victory lap weekend with the 1st Prize Gala and the Serenade.

The Mummers Association celebrated the 2012 season and the Mummers Museum held events marking  the resurgence of the museum and the tradition.

Clubs continue with appearances and get ready for the parades that begin to fill the calendar and then, before you know it, it’s time to hit second and third gear in the run for 2013.

Champion’s Night to Remember

The members of the Woodland String Band gathered last night at Nicole Renee Occasions in South Philadelphia to celebrate their victory on New Year’s Day.  It was a night of genuine celebration at the Championship gala.  The family that is Woodland was joined by well-wishers from other bands and included Mummers Association President and former Quaker City Captain, the legendary Bob Shannon, Jr.  The highlight of the evening was the arrival and brief address by Frank “Auggie” Roberts.  Auggie’s struggles and his ongoing contribution to the pride, spirit and accomplishments of Woodland hit the night out of the ball park.  (I know a team that could use him right now, but Woodland has him and he’s not up for trade.  )  Congratulations to President Tom Loomis, Captain Tom Robison, heart and soul Dave Anderson, Jr., and all the Kings of Broad Street 2012, Woodland String Band.

Shining Brightly

The stars shined like the Mummers Museum spire last night at events in South Philadelphia.  It is so great to see the tower radiating light again.  2nd & Washington is evermore the beacon.


The champion Murray Comic Club, led by President Rich Porco, celebrated another successful year and recognized its stellar members at its banquet held at Epiphany of Our Lord School at 13th and Jackson.  Rich is a great leader who truly values each of his members.

The family of the late Jerry Murray was on hand to witness Jerry’s induction into the Hall of Fame.





Recognition continued at the Mummers Museum banquet at EOM in South Philadelphia. Among those honored was Dave Anderson, of Woodland String Band, awarded the Al Heller award for his contributions to Mummery.


As the museum tower suggests, the future is bright.

2012 SugarHouse Casino PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Awards

The winners of the 2012 SugarHouse Casino PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Poll have been announced at SugarHouse Casino.  Hundreds of Mummers were on hand to cheer the top finishers and enjoy the hospitality of SugarHouse.  The place was Mummin’. Woodland String Band, showing the class and polish it’s always had, serenaded the gathered as they awaited the results.  And, the results are:  Finishing 1st in the eyes and ears of the viewer’s in 2012 are South Philadelphia String Band and South Philly Vikings. This is the 7th year the viewers have been selecting their favorites in the String Band Division and the 3rd year they have been choosing their winners in the Fancy Brigade Division.

South Philadelphia String Band with its “A Tune Full of Sugar” theme wowed the viewers of the String Band Division.  The costuming and performance satisfied every sweet tooth out there.  Captain Denny Palandro delivered another solid display of showmanship.  Congratulations to Jim Browne and all at South Philadelphia.  Your confection was infectious.   SPSB also won the coveted “Custard’s Last Stand” award. That will be formally handed out at the String Band Association banquet.

Here’s the the rest of the Viewer’s Choice top 5 in the String Band Division.

Coming in 2nd with the viewers is Woodland String Band, which took 1st Prize in the official judging with its jungle theme.   3rd goes to Quaker City.  Ferko finishes 4th and Fralinger, 5th.

In the Fancy Brigade Division, South Philly Vikings won the SugarHouse Casino PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Poll with its theme “Ka’Light’Oscope: Harness The Power of the Spectrum.”  This trend-setting brigade broke new ground again with its electrifying visual artistry.  SPV also won the official judging on New Year’s Day.  Vikings Captain Pete D’amato also took 1st prize in the official judging for Captain. 

Finishing second tonight in the determination of the viewers is Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars and in 3rd place, Golden Crown.

And in a wonderful display of commitment and community spirit, SugarHouse Casino not only hosted this year’s awards ceremony, but it also donated a total of $5,000 to the Mummers Museum, $2,500 dollars in the name of each winner, South Philly Vikings and South Philadelphia String Band.


Woodland String Band’s theme was “It’s a Jungle Out There.” Well, Woodland rules the jungle.  Its members are 1st prize winners of the 2012 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. It’s official confirmation of what they and their fans have known for a long, long time: They’re darn good Mummers. Woodland has existed since 1927 and never won first prize. Hard to believe. In many recent years it’s scored well but often below what some of us thought it should. Not today. On January 1, 2012, Woodland String Band rocked the status quo, ending the Fralinger-Quaker City lock on 1st prize that has existed since the 1990’s. Woodland did this despite both QC and Fralinger, as well as Ferko and South Philadelphia, putting on top flight performances of their own.  Congratulations to Woodland String Band President Tom Loomis and Captain Tom Robison. Tom also took home 3rd prize captain. I’ve seen this band at its blood drives and elsewhere, where it works to support those in need and the neighborhood.  The world got to see the fun and amazement that they can do on New Year’s Day.  Woodland String Band is the champion.

Defending champion, Quaker City String Band, fought hard, with pride and commitment, as you would expect and its members take 2nd prize. South Philadelphia’s early appearance in the division raised the bar and SPSB is 3rd. Ferko finishes 4th and Fralinger 5th.

Congratulations to Fralinger Captain Thomas D’Amore, who takes 1st prize Captain, as Chief of the Clans in Fralinger’s Scottish theme. Jack Hee, Jr., of Avalon, finishes 2nd for the second year in a row. Tom Robison is 3rd, South Philadelphia’s Denny Palandro 4th and Ferko’s Anthony Celenza, 5th.  Hegeman finishes 6th, followed by Avalon, Aqua, Greater Kensington and Polish American. Uptown comes in 11th. Then it’s Pennsport, Durning, Duffy, Greater Overbrook, Broomall and Trilby.
In the Comic Division, Murray takes home its 14th 1st prize in a row. Murray Captain Dennnis Pellegrino finishes on top among Captains with his pirate theme, which was thought up by his son, Nicholas. Two Street Stompers with Wenchtoberfest take 1st among brigades. In the big wench brigades, O’Malley wins.
In the Fancy Division, score another 1st for Hog Island and for its Captain Kenny Medeiros.
And, in the Fancy Brigade Division, South Philly Vikings have returned to the top of the hill. Their ground breaking Ka Light Oscope was mesmerizing. SPV’s Captain Pete D’Amato also takes 1st Prize Captain.


Mummers to the rescue again this weekend in South Philadelphia.  Woodland String Band held its annual  American Red Cross Blood Drive at Anderson Hall.  The band has been doing this for years. 

Amy Saves a Life

The need for blood can be acute in the Philadelphia region.  Woodland members give their time on a beautiful Saturday to save lives.   For example, Amy Dingler stepped up to the plate and gave an arm. 

Loomis Leads

Tom Loomis provided the leadership. Okay, he brought the doughnuts. 

A couple of blocks away at Burke Playground, Megan West, Jen Cohen and friends held the first annual “Save the Mummers and Mutts” event.  The folks at TreeTops Animal Rescue have been finding homes for puppies neglected in the South.  Laurie, Beth and Andrea deserve thanks for their great efforts to help the pooches.

It was a riot watching the dogs.  They were given a free run during the event inside the rink.  It was like watching the “Puppy Bowl,” you know that event that runs the day of the Super Bowl.

You can fund out more about the ongoing effort by checking out  The dogs do not bark with a southern accent.

Also on hand while I was there, members of the Quaker City String Band.  QC provided the sound track for the festive afternoon of people and puppies.

QC Present & Future

Speaking of champions, it was interesting to see the results of the Phillies poll I posted last week.  The question was which team most fits the description “Golden Era,” the 1950, 1980 or 2010 Phils?  With about 3-quarters of the vote, the current teams wins.  The 1950 Phillies edged the 1980 Phils for second.