Mummer Power

Great turnout last night at SugarHouse Casino for the annual Mummers Against Cancer event in Philadelphia.  Mike and Deb, and daughter Debbie, worked hard to put on the event and carry it off. That’s Deb and Deb to the left.

The proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society.

SugarHouse also contributed to the success of the event with the venue and with a card deal for supporters of Mummers Against Cancer.

The band, Big House, also rocked part of the SugarHouse Casino.

As we say goodbye to the first weeks of spring, we look back and see it’s been an active period in the world of Mummery.  The String Band Association held its annual banquet at the Union League.  President Marty Good led the recognition of the participants and award winners from New Year’s Day, plus the special honorees, including the new Hall of Fame members.  Congratulations to all.

Great banquets as well by the Wench Brigade Association and by the Fancy Division and Fancy Brigade Association.






Murray Comic Club held its annual  banquet, which is always a fun time.  Murray also excels with its annual Easter Seals drive.

Woodland String Band held its victory lap weekend with the 1st Prize Gala and the Serenade.

The Mummers Association celebrated the 2012 season and the Mummers Museum held events marking  the resurgence of the museum and the tradition.

Clubs continue with appearances and get ready for the parades that begin to fill the calendar and then, before you know it, it’s time to hit second and third gear in the run for 2013.

2012 Order of Enjoyment

As the 2012 Sugar House Mummers Parade prepares to step off on New Year’s Day, the clubs also do so with the order of their appearances on their minds.  It’s a psychological game for some who believe that going too early ensures a lower score from the judges and that going in the last half, especially the end, ensures better scoring.  Some string bands think going about 2-thirds of the way in is perfect. For 20 years of broadcasting the parade I make notes and keep a private scoring sheet, but I really look forward to seeing every club and each performance.  The more you know each Mummer, the more you witness every club planning, rehearsing, serving their neighborhoods, giving time to charity and just trying to enjoy liberty and give folks a good time on New Year’s Day, the more you love every strut.  The Order of Finish is less important to me than the Order of March.  In the end, it’s the people parade that matters.  So here is the Order of Enjoyment.

The Comic Division around 9:45 a.m. steps off at Broad and Washington and heads north to 16th and JFK.  The Goodtimers will lead the Comics, followed by Landi and returning champion, Murray.

The Wench Brigade Division follows with its 8 clubs.  Riverfront leads off, followed by Oregon, O’Malley, Cara Liom, Bryson, Pirates, Saints and Froggy Carr.

The Fancy Division follows with Hog Island leaving Broad and Passyunk about 10:30 a.m.  Golden Sunrise will follow.  Both clubs should be up at 16th and JFK between about 12:30 to 1:30.

The String Band Division hits the street next.  There are 17 bands this year.  Here is their order.

Duffy is first, stepping off from Broad and Shunk around 10 a.m., followed by Fralinger, Broomall, Aqua, South Philadelphia, Polish American, Uptown, Ferko, Quaker City, Avalon, Greater Kensington, Greater Overbrook, Trilby, Pennsport, then Durning, and Hegeman and Woodland round out the 17. 

Inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Fancy Brigade Division wows the crowds in two shows. The first is at Noon. The second is at 5 p.m.  You’ll see a show on PHL17 between 8pm and 10pm. Here’s the FB order. Downtowners, Saturnalians, Avenuers, South Philly Vikings, Golden Crown, Jokers Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars, 2nd Street Shooters, Satin Slipper and Clevemore. 

Go forth and Mummerfy.

Sweet Time

Good friends met tonight at the Sugar House Casino.  Sugar House hosted MummersAppreciation Night at the casino’s Refinery Restaurant.  Mummers from all across Mummery gathered to eat, drink, talk, win prizes and otherwise have a good time.  They came from Murray Comic Club, Golden Sunrise and Hog Island Fancy Clubs, and scores of String Bands and Fancy Brigades. 

Fred Keller was telling me how the Jokers worked so hard to turn around some last minute snafus to take 1st Prize, Avalon Captain Jack Hee shared his Mr. Mom weekend (you can do it, Jack!), Big Bob Shannon gave a thumbs up, and  Bill Burke was all smiles.  You name the Mummer and you saw the smile, humor and real people so many Philadelphians have come to know.  South Philly Vikings, Shooting Stars, Polish American, Greater Kensington (Captain Tatar was there) and more appreciated the thanks the gaming establishment bestowed.  Wendy Hamilton of Sugar House and her team of very gracious and competent player representatives provided a casual and fun setting for these Titans of Two Street.  There’s Wendy with the great Joe Leso of Polish American. Below are some other photos from tonight’s Mummers Appreciation Night at Sugar House Casino on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


And a splendid time was guaranteed for all.