So this is how Champions keep winning…

I think we all like something when it is done with love, with passion.  Add artistry and combine all that with Mummery, and then you’ve got everything.  Harry Brown, Jr., of Quaker City String Band sent me this photo below and I just think it is beautiful.

QCSBcreen shot 2014-01-08 at 5.42.44 PMIt’s a display created by 4th grader Justin Figueroa at Parkway Elementary School in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Justin is a junior member of QCSB. However, after this evidence, I think Justin is ready to be on a parade planning committee.

Congratulations to his dad, Karl, a member of the 1st Prize winning String Band of the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.  Very nice, Justin.

As Harry Brown wrote to me, “It’s a good sign when the next generation is starting to take over.”

The King of All Music

Hall of Famer Joey King today celebrated the grand opening of King’s Music at 13th and Passyunk in South Philadelphia.  The Pep Band and other performers stopped by today. Joey is in his 49th year as a Mummer.  He played with the Garden State String Band, South Philadelphia, Ferko, Woodland and Trilby and most recently, about 15 years, for Quaker City String Band.  His new store looks great.  It’s a full line store with Fender and other guitars, top of the line Selmer  saxophones and those gleaming Zildjian cymbals.  Joey says King’s Music also offers lessons.  Whether its banjo, piano or drums, sax or whatever, you know the lessons will be good if Joey’s involved or overseeing it.  The King family has been and still is a major family among the String Bands and now Joey even ups the ante by starting his small business all about the music.  Congratulations, Mr. King, and best of good fortune to you and King’s Music.

Good ‘n Plenty

Marty Good, Sr.

As we prepare for the exciting Show of Shows at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday, February 26th, 2011, there is another development in the world of String Bands.  An orderly transition of leadership is taking place within the String Band Association.  Mr. John Pignotti, the Hall of Fame former First Prize winning Captain of Hegeman String Band, has served as President of the String Band Association for 12 years.  Thank you for your service, John.   Now, the umbrella is being passed to long-time Vice-President, Mr. Marty Good, Sr.  Marty is having a plentiful year already.  His band, Quaker City String Band, wins First Prize and the PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Award,  he will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame next month, he and Catherine have been blessed with a second grandchild, Brady, (Carly got here first) and he has been elected as President of the String Band Association.  His sons Marty, Jr.,  Scott and Jimmy are making mom and dad proud, too.  President Marty, congratulations!

The Real Mr. T

Tony Bonanno is what Quaker City String Band means by Class, Pride, and Commitment. The tenor sax player has been a vital part of the band for a quarter of a century. Tony is now in Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia in what has been an on ongoing fight against cancer. This weekend lots of Quaker City members visited him at Methodist. Praising the hospital, QC President Harry Brown says the staff has been “unbelievable” in how kind and flexible they have been. At one point the great nurses and doctors allowed about 20 band members in at once.  Check out this amazing photo.

Other club members stopped by at other times to talk with Tony who has made Quaker City a better organization for a quarter of a century. Tony always has a kind word to say.  As Harry Brown says, “Tony’s never said a bad word about anybody.”  Tony is also godfather to Harry’s daughter, Kennedy.  Mr. Bonanno has made a lot of people better and that’s why so many are rooting for him. Speaking of rooting, Tony is a huge Flyers fan and no doubt that recent last 3 seconds win in overtime by the Orange & Black was cheered loudly by him. Tony Bonanno, his wife, Maria, and their family are great Philadelphians. Keep showing QC and the world what the motto means, Tony.