For Ed

EdSmith1Look at these great pictures of Ed Smith.  He’s a leader and a Mummer among Mummers.  EdSmith3 Now, an exciting and great time will take place Saturday night at EOM for Ed and his family.

Ed, the Captain of O’Malley NYA, has been recovering from a brain abscess.  This has necessitated him being out of work since October.

EdSmith2Friends are raising funds to help with the bills and they are providing you with a great party in which to do that.EdSmith4

It’s all taking place, Saturday, February 7th, from 8 to 12 p.m. at the Edward O’Malley Athletic Association on Moore Street.  The cost is 25 dollars. Food, a DJ and draft beer come with admission.  But, more importantly, Ed gets a chance to see that people care about him.

EdSmith5 Thanks to Kelly, John, Tommy, Darlene and John, Marci and Chris for being there for Ed.

O’Malley is Ed and Ed is O’Malley.  Besides, he’s got smith in his name, so he’s got to be good. 🙂

Here’s to you, Ed.EdSmith6

Keep on Mummin!

The members of the Fancy Brigade Association and the members of the Wench Brigade Association each held their respective annual banquets this weekend and a pleasant time was guaranteed for all.

Jackie Bam Bam, the Alice Cooper of Mummery, rocked the Waterfall Room in South Philadelphia.  Jackie McCann and Captain Kenny Medeiros accepted the award for 1st Prize Fancy Club for Hog Island.  Honors were awarded in all the major categories judged on New Year’s Day.

However, the show stopper of the night was 4-year-old Danny Fundora, who took 1st Prize in the Juvenile Category for his “Captain Jack.”

Danny could very well be a future Captain.  He’s got the moves, (he’s a natural line dancer) and the attitude. Quite the scene-stealer, young Mr. Daniel is.

Deb & MattCongratulations also go to Debbie Glovacz and Chuck Erbenich who are now inducted into the Fancy Association Hall of Fame.  Debbie, seen above with husband, Matt, is a great person and also one of the hardest working people in Golden Sunrise N.Y.A. and at the Mummers Museum.  Chuck, for 20 years, since he first appeared as King Arthur, to his many years of service in Golden Sunrise, and to his helping all of Mummery through his work on the Museum Board, is also a vital member of the Mummers community.  He wears a hat well, too.

The fast-growing Wench Brigade Association was also partying and honoring in South Philadelphia at Nicole Renee Occasions.  Chalie McKenna  and the gang are always welcoming and I don’t know what a year would be like without a smack from Gootch.  Congratulations to O’Malley N.Y.A. and all the winners, and all the inductees into the Hall of Fame: George Stewart (that’s him with the good looking family), Jack McQuilkin, Mike McNulty, Hank Brown, John Walsh and last but not least to Mr. Eddie Szymborski, of Oregon.  Ed now holds the distinct honor of induction into 2 Halls of Fame, the Wench Brigade and the Fancy. 

Here are some more scenes from the Wench Brigade and Fancy Association Banquets, starting with “Pop” Bryson and ending with Christine, the great daughter of Ed Szymborski.