SPV’s Got Talent, even if…

South Philly Vikings rule, even if “America’s Got Talent” didn’t  fully appreciate it tonight.  Yes, SPV did not make it to the next round of AGT.  The moment I know was disappointing, if not crushing for some of the members.  They put so much time and energy and hope into it. They worked for it. I saw them work. 


 I heard them talk about the fantastic dream they were living.  Now, the dream is over in the most obvious sense, but really, it will live for a long time.  I think we should look at this way.  South Philly Vikings got farther than thousands of other people.  While making the journey, they performed beautifully and carried the flag of the Mummers high.  They showed an America unaware of the Mummers what talented, good people Mummers are.  They were real Mummers.  People who look out for and care for each other and while doing so, make many of us smile.  I believe that as the hours and days go by Captain Pete D’Amato and his Fancy Brigade will love what they experienced and they should.  South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade, that was quite a story.   Thank you.

Vote Vikings!

The South Philly Vikings did Mummery proud tonight on America’s Got Talent.  Excellent, entertaining performance, Pete D’Amato and all the Vikings.  Voting begins at 11pm tonight and lasts for 2 hours.  Phone 1-866-60-AGT-01. Or, if you have ATT, text vote 4801.

Vikings Rule L.A.

The Contenders

As I FB’d earlier in the week, I enthusiastically watched members of the South Philly Vikings in their last Philadelphia rehearsal before they left for Los Angeles.  SPV is  in L.A. and rehearsing for their next appearance on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”  Captain Pete D’Amato says, “The competition is pretty wild. There’s some good stuff.”  What do the Vikings have planned?  I won’t give it away, but I will tell you that you’ve never seen the Vikings do what they are about to do.  With some energy and creativity, SPV will put on a new performance, which is a good move because the judges want to see new things from the contestants.  The brigade also will have more members performing than they had in New York.  The Vikes say thanks to Al Delbuono for working so quickly, so well, and so affordably, on the costuming.   Captain Pete says doing this competition is expensive, but they wanted to do it for the Mummers and now that they are in the top 48, out of thousands of contestants, SPV also really wants to win.  Co-choreographer Maria Lauer is proud of how the members have worked so hard, the hairstylists, electricians, desk workers, and others, now all dancers.  Maria says the “power and energy” of the Fancy Brigade’s performance is strong.  Watching the rehearsal, I agree.  So, in addition to the Phillies game, tune in “America’s Got Talent” this coming Tuesday night, July 27th, to cheer on the Vikings and to make sure you vote for them.  There will be a phone number given out at that time and I will also post it here.   Go SPV.  Burbank and Hollywood are yours.  Grab it.