The official pre-parade meeting of the City of Philadelphia and the leadership of the Mummers is underway at the Mummers Museum. This meeting goes over all the final logistics and other details. The 2016 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade starts at 9 with the new Philadelphia Division, 4 new clubs.
Extra security measures will be in place for New Year’s Day.



Spending some quality time this afternoon with John Macintyre in Bellmawr. This is just some of the great family and MAC’s Mongoose Mummers who’ll be strutting with Murray Comic Club on New Year’s Day. Big MAC is getting ready for his 79th parade.

The Three Maries

The Three MariesYou can have fun and help the Mummers on Sunday, December 13th!  “The Three Maries,” a new theatrical production with a Mummers setting runs from December 17th through January 10th, but a special preview performance takes place at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, December 13th, at the Prince Theater at 1412 Chestnut Street.  The price of admission on the 13th is “Pay What You Can.”  All proceeds from that show go to the Mummers. “The Three Maries, A Philadelphia Phable” is written and composed by Michael Ogborn.


Final Results!!!!

The World Championship of Wenches is in the books. The overall winner of the 2nd annual Wench-a-palooza is Joseph Bryson of Bryson NYA.  Congratulations, Joe!  Also congratulations go to Johnny McGovern.

Johnny, of O’Malley, won the Strut-Off dance competition on the street.


Wench-a-palooza continues…


World championship struts on outdoors.  Winner soon.



The 2nd annual World Series of Wenches is underway at Oregon NYA on 2nd Street.  I’m a judge again along with a host of true Mum greats like Joe Lennon and John Hall.

San Mateo Carnavalero


The work is well underway by the members of San Mateo Carnavalero and their supporters to be ready by New Year’s Day. Susana, Alex, David and Edgar joined me at David and Alex’s restaurant, Tamalex, at 7th and Federal. Great folks and great food, too. They are excited about being part of the 2016 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.


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