Bash for the Barons Sunday

jane-and-john-barons_2016-shThis was the last time that I saw Jane Baron until her funeral. John Baron and Hegeman String Band had just finished a wonderful performance at the 2016 New Year’s Day SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. John and Jane approached the broadcast booth to say hi. I snapped the picture with my phone. Jane would pass away from pancreatic cancer a few months later. Tomorrow, on Sunday, September 11th, you and I have a chance to say thank you to Jane for her 20 years of dancing and choreography, her leadership of the dance studio and most importantly, her being an inspirational and great mother to Jaylen and JP.

The Baron Children’s Education Fund has been established to support Jaylen and JP in the memory of their mother as they grow older and pursue their dreams. On Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm please stop by EOM Athletic Association at 144 Moore Street in South Philadelphia for the “Bash for he Barons.” Touche and dj Bill McCay will be providing entertainment and there are other activities for children and adults. Food and drink, too, all for a reasonable price at the door. Much has been discounted or donated so that the proceeds can go to the Education Fund.

Much thanks go to Jeannine McCafferty for orchestrating this fundraiser and to Ed McBride and all at EOM for their kindness. So, whether during the Eagles game or after, stop on by and do what Mummers do best for each other. If you cannot make it, a gofundme account is up and running. If you wish to make a contribution that way to Jaylen and JP, then you can click here:

All the Best to Jaylen and JP, to John and to the late but forever inspiring Jane Baron.wpid-img_20151107_074118510.jpg

Yours in Mummery and Cabrini,



Celebrating Philadelphia as a World Heritage City

About 450 Philadelphians and invited guests from around the world tonight are celebrating  Solidarity Day of the World Heritage Cities, of which Philadelphia is a new member. 

Senator Bob Casey tells the gathered in the Crystal Tea Room that the designation “adds to the luster and brilliance of what this city is.” Chris Matthews speaks later this evening.

Summer Mummers

Original Trilby String Band All Star Band performing the weekly summer concert at the Mummers Museum tonight!

Mummers Against Cancer

Walking along 3rd Street in South Philadelphia toward annual Mummers Against Cancer event. All are welcome. Come on down to Anderson Hall at Woodland Strong Band’s Clubhouse near 3rd and Snyder. Help your neighbors beat cancer!,

Night of Champions


The annual Night of Champions at the Mummers Museum is underway. Principal honoree is Congressman Bob Brady for his work promoting all Philadelphia neighborhood traditions of community and celebration.

If it’s Election Day…


Then it’s Famous Deli. Pols a plenty as the get out the vote effort goes on for Dems.

Pope Francis Addressed Immigration and Freedom


In a speech nearly entirely delivered in his native Spanish, standing outside the world’s longest standing symbol of religious tolerance, Pope Francis late today urged all people of all religions to respect all faiths and he urged an embracing of immigrants. He said globalization is good if it brings us together in a way that does not require uniformity. On immigration, directly speaking to Hispanics, he said don’t be ashamed of your traditions, but he added there is also the responsibility to contribute as those who came before. The Pope was enthusiastically received by those on the Mall.