Hit the Right Notes for Joe King

The talented King family is one of the awesome families of Mummery and no one loves music more than Joseph King. 5262 
(Joe is the second banjo player in, in his first year with Garden State String Band.)
Through entertaining, being a Mummer for 53 years, owning a music store and individually working with musicians, Joe has helped countless people enjoy making music. Now, Joe King is battling cancer. This comes after we lost Robert King last October.5276
(That’s Joe on the left, then Daddy King, then Robert and Ronnie.  I thank Rita King for these photos.)
Mummers are gathering on July 23rd to give Joe a boost in his fight against cancer.  Come on down to South Philadelphia String Band on Porter Street on Sunday, July 23, from 4pm to 8pm for the Benefit for a Friend. The donation $30 dollars.  If you want to send a check, send  it the address below:
Lauren Salvato
for Joe King
228 Watkins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148.
There will also be a raffle and auction items.  If you have an item to donate for the auction, email Charlene Radcliffe-Madden at Cmadden0913@outlook.com
52615258On Sunday, July 23, you get a chance to have a great time and do a great thing for the one and only Joe King.
South Philadelphia String Band’s clubhouse is located at 2820 W. Porter Street. 

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