Fat Tuesday Night at SH

Mums and more right now at SugarHouse.

The Mummers Season Continues…

I look forward to seeing many folks tonight at SugarHouse. We’ve got a few books available or bring one you purchased elsewhere and I’d  love to sign it. Feast before the fast.

Congratulations and thanks to the Fancy Brigades for putting on a wonderful banquet this weekend. Congrats to Sonny Weneck of the Stars for induction into the Hall of Fame and to First Prize Champion South Philly Vikings.


A new unofficial world record and still counting! Cabrini University tonight..with time still to go..has already shattered the record for the most pairs of socks donated in 8 hours. The socks are headed to people experiencing homelessness.

Socks Drive is Working!

The drive at Cabrini University to set a record today for socks donations is working! More than half way to the record with a few hours to go. The socks go to the nonprofit Joy of Sox to help people who are experiencing homelessness.

Joy of Sox! Cabrini fights homelessness.

Cabrini University’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends this hour launched the official attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most pairs of socks delivered in 8 hours. 

The current record is just under 2500 pairs. Cabrini has been inspired by the nonprofit Joy of Sox to gather new pairs, mostly quality wool socks, for people experiencing homelessness. Socks are an often overlooked key to health and eventually opportunity for people who are homeless.

The attempt lasts till 8pm at Grace Hall on Cabrini’s Radnor campus.  Cabrini…Living with Purpose.