Happy Anniversary Murray Comic Club


The Murray Comic Club celebrates its 80th anniversary tonight and its 18th 1st Prize in a row with a gala at SugarHouse Casino.  500 attendees are here, including past presidents and officers of other clubs. And, of course, big cheers to President Rich Porco and his daughter, Jessica, long time leaders of Murray and standard bearers of Mummery.  As Rich said tonight, “We’re not a club, we’re a family.”


Murray has been a steady supporter of Easter Seals, our Armed Forces overseas and Philabundance. On New Year’s Day and throughout the year, Murray is number one. Congratulations and thank you, Murray Comic Club.

2 Responses

  1. Hello – the Mad Hatters, part of the Murray Comic Club, are going to be volunteering at KenCrest, an organization that supports people with disabilities, next Saturday, April 30th. The group will be constructing veggie gardens for two of our group homes in South Philly, and the residents will also be alongside them. Would you have any interest in covering the story?

    • Ordinarily yes but I don’t report anymore. I left 17 in January for a position at Cabrini College. Good go know though. I’ll look for another venue to raise awareness about Mummers good works.

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