Jim Julia

2012 fancy & wb banquets 020This is a difficult hour.  Phones are ringing, text messages are vibrating, informing many of us that a person we knew well has suddenly left us.  If you were fortunate enough to know Jim Julia, you had a very good friend and now thousands of people and all of Mummery have lost this very good man.  Jim Julia passed away Thursday while at work.  It is a devastating loss.  My condolences to his beautiful and caring family.

JimJuliadaughter weddingJimJulia23Jim loved his family and he was just flat out a great guy.  He’d be there for you.  As a leader of the Downtowners Fancy Brigade and the President of the Fancy Brigade Division, Jim transformed  Mummery as it moved indoors on New Year’s Day to inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.   He was one of the best Captains to ever hold that title. JimJuliainsuit He served as Vice-President of the Mummers Museum and helped retool the museum to a sustainable and productive future.  He cared about all aspects of Mummery and fought to preserve the best of the tradition, bringing all Mummers together.  He cared about the entire Philadelphia region and was proud to call it his home.  A leader, a family man and a friend.  I cannot believe he is gone.

His club, the Downtowners, have put together this tribute.  https://youtu.be/btO-QCXVws0

4 Responses

  1. Jimmy was always a gentlemen and a true Mummer always willing to help. He will we sadly missed. May he rest in peace and we’ll meet again !!!

  2. I am sorry for your loss, you’re family will be in my prayers.

    • I had the pleasure to know jimmy, as not only a friend as a brother and my captain I’ll never forget are win 2002, it’s really going to be. Difficult on NewYears I know you will be looking down on your brothers hear on out everything we do is for you I’ll miss you a lot love you jimmy rip.

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