Fancy Brigade Serenade 2015

SPVJan2015A fun time was had by all at 11th and Moore in South Philadelphia Saturday night as Mummers filed by and filled the sidewalks paying respects to the 2015 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade Fancy Brigade Champion South Philly Vikings.  Congratulations to Captain Pete D’Amato and all in SPV.PeteSPVJan2015


It was great seeing and hearing Ferko, Polish American, Woodland, Quaker City, Fralinger, Saturnalian, the Stars, Satin Slipper,SpartansJan2015SPVserenade the Spartans(thanks for the pic, ladies!), and more in a warm moment among the competitors of New Year’s Day.



And, Jessica Tursi, of the Vikings, came on over to me and let me know the newest Soup Day champ already has a plan for this December’s competition at the Mummers Museum.  So, soup chefs, it’s never to early to warm that stove.

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  1. Idea #1001 for 2016 Mummers theme:
    you do a lot of tributes. how about a tribute to ‘sister helen’ from the (sacred heart) elementary school, circa 1960-1978? she is well known and beloved by 2nd streeters. the costumes are catholic school boy / girl uniforms, with features being the nun habit. add some preist and alterboy stuff, depending on your skit. the music is easy – the lady sang times tables, state capitals, catichism, whatever. the skit could be based on the song choice or something recognizable like a spelling bee. have some more ideas, if you would like to discuss

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