Heritage Division Poll Results

IMG_20120414_222909The results have been consistent since I posted the idea of a Heritage Division.  80-percent of the respondents to the question said they like the idea.

Heritage is a part of all Mummery, of course, but the ideas behind the proposed Heritage Division include celebrating historical or traditional aspects of Mummery, and perhaps involving several clubs that could use a break from the intense annual financial commitment.  This is not a welfare state proposal.   If a club has no support, that’s not what we’re talking about.  The presentation time would also have to be different in some cases, in order not to lengthen the parade.

There would be many details to work out, but it’s pretty clear, more discussion would be a good idea.  Perhaps the leaders of the various divisions or their appointed representatives would like to meet at the Mummers Museum this month to explore some of these.  I’d be happy to help moderate such a discussion.


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