Marching Orders! Parade is a Go!


The annual Mummers Roundup meeting is underway at the Mummers Museum. Representatives from more than 40 clubs are getting official instructions from Deputy Commissioner Leo Dignam and others in the Park and Rec Department about the new route and staging areas for the 2015 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.  The parade will start at 15th and Market near Dilworth Park. The judging will be done there. Then, the clubs will head south around City Hall to Broad Street and continue South to Washington Avenue. Besides the judging area, there will be 2 other performance areas, at the Union League and at Broad and Carpenter.
The new route may allow for more interaction.  While some Mummers and fans will miss the South Philadelphia route, many others see the potential benefits and crowd friendly opportunities. Officials tell me it will also save the City money on police and sanitation. The first club starting it all off will be Golden Sunrise of the Fancy Division. The Comics are next, followed by the Wench Brigade Division and the String Bands. The Fancy Brigade members will mix between performances.  Official City of Philadelphia news conference is Tuesday at the Hall.

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