Don’t get the guitars yet

Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey talked before about 500 people attending the annual Committee of Seventy breakfast this morning at the Bellevue on Broad Street. Both men have a friendly, respectful working relationship with each other, but their answers to my questions suggest that they view the path ahead in Washington as both having potential and frought with obstacles. Each suggested areas where they can find common ground, such as the Keystone XL Pipeline and the ABLE act, but there are still areas of principle disagreement that one should not expect to see quick resolution of. Immigration reform and the speed with which it happens and how much the President can do on his own is a case in point. The politics of 2016 are in play. They believe the Senate will go to a 5-day work week in DC, from its present 3. Kumbaya is not likely to be heard along Pennsylvania Avenue.

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