Out of the Spotlight, for now…

2014-aqua-string-band-0050Aqua String Band Captain Ron Iannacone has told me today that he is stepping down as Captain but hopes one day to return to that role.  He will remain active with the string band as an advisor, mentor and friend.  The band will make a decision about its next Captain later in the month.

Ron’s decision is influenced mainly by a grueling professional work schedule that increasingly  has involved travel.  This is something that casual Mummers watchers sometimes do not recognize about Mummers.  Mummery is a hobby and yes, a way of life, but it is demanding.  Ron has managed to work and still devote countless hours to Mummery for a long time.  He’s been with Aqua since 1991. He first led Aqua up Broad Street as Captain on a horn-freezing January of 2009. It was the start of the renaissance of Aqua.

2014-aqua-string-band-0859Ron Iannacone is passionate about Mummery, about String Bands, and especially his Aqua String Band.  You can tell that he thoroughly enjoyed being Captain. He has always lived the role as a leader on the street and behind the scenes.  He knows the importance of the parade watcher.  He loves that interaction.  I believe that as much as he realizes that stepping down was a necessary decision, it was still a very difficult one to make.  Here is part of what he wrote to me today.

“There are no words to describe my appreciation to all of the individuals who have … supported me over the past 6 years as Captain.  You pushed me to be my best, and to give you all that I could.  Aqua has accomplished amazing things in a short time.  We turned a 15th place band into a contender, we turned low membership into “oh my god we’re gonna need a bigger club!”, we went from a few performances a year to over 200 in 6 years.  And the best part: The future is even brighter, the opportunities even better.”

Thank you, Ron Iannacone, Captain of Aqua String Band.

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