2014 String Band Order of Enjoyment!

MUMMERS_ROWHere are the official theme titles and Captains, plus the Order of Enjoyment for the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade on PHL17.  I see several contenders here for the “Custard’s Last Stand” Award.  I’ll post the Fancy Brigade official list tomorrow.

1. Woodland “Legend of the Lamp”    Captain Tom Robison

2. Fralinger “The Circus Comes to Clown”    Captain Scott Wray

3. Polish American “It’s SNOW-time”    Captain Nick Magenta

4. Avalon “”The Fields Are Alive!”    Captain Jack Hee

5. Ferko “FERKO is TOY-rific”    Captain Anthony Celenza

6. Uptown “The Pillage People”    Captain Ryan Radcliffe

7. Trilby “All For Mum And Mum For All”   Captain Joseph Kaminski

8. South Philadelphia “Invasion of Piracy”     Captain Denny Palandro

9. Greater Overbrook “Showboatin’ on Broad St.”   Captain Bill Razzano

10. Aqua “Aqua Shoots for the Stars”    Captain Ron Iannacone

11. Hegeman “Hegeman’s Household Havoc”    Captain John Baron

12. Quaker City “California Here We Mum”    Captain Jimmy Good

13. Pennsport “A Carnival in Venice”    Captain Charlie Nicholas

14. Broomall “Camping is in Tents”  Captain Peter Broomall, Sr.

15. Durning “Wet Side Story”    Captain Joe Pomante

16. Greater Kensington “Proud to be A”Mum”-Merican”   Captain Harry Bradley

17. Duffy “No Strings Attached”    Captain Ted Kudrick (and mascot Jake!)

6 Responses

  1. What is up with the 2014 Show of Shows? Where, when and what time? I think they are back in Philly this year. Is that true?

    • As of now, there is no Show of Shows scheduled for 2014. There is some discussion for some type of performance, but I have not learned of anything being finalized.

  2. Is there going to be a scoring sheet this year?

  3. Steve I am a long time N.E. Philly resident. There was an ice cream stand at Risingsun and Cottman Ave. The name of the stand was Custards Last Stand. On the roof there was a sign with an ice cream cone with and an arrow through the top of the ice cream cone. This stand was there for thirty years, long before the string band used this as their theme. In short the band borrowed the name and theme. I have listened to the announcer wonder out loud where this name came from. It makes a great theme but was in use many years before the band used it.

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