Soup Success!

IMG_20131222_133113_443Soup Day, or Hat Day, heated up early on 2 Street with the 2nd annual Golden Ladle Soup competition today at the Mummers Museum.  About a dozen Mummers Clubs took part.  IMG_20131222_133829_193The judges tasted great soups from Cara Liom’s “Tomato Basil,” to Quaker City’s “Pepper Pot,”  to South Philly Vikings’ “Pasta Fagioli,” to Froggy Carr’s “Manhattan Clam Chowder,” and more.   The event also included face painting for the kids and a visit from Santa.

And, the winner of the 2nd annual Golden Ladle contest is?   Donna Howlett of the JHJ Saints with her “Seafood Bisque.”  This is the second win for Donna.  She is so far the only winner of the contest. Congratulations, Donna!  The Jokers and their “Maryland Crab Shell” and Saturnalian and their “Beef Barley” finished 2nd and 3rd.

2014 Fancy Brigades Order of Enjoyment!

Saturnalian11 Fancy Brigades will perform in 2 shows at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on New Year’s Day in the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.  This includes the new brigade, “The Spartans.”  The shows are at Noon and 5.  The official “judged” show is the 5pm performance.  That show will be broadcast on PHl17 beginning at 8pm New Year’s Day night.

Here is the order, their themes and Captains.

1.  Spartans  “One Nation, Valley of the Drums”  Captain Tom “Terk” Gindville

2.  Satin Slipper  “Adventure of Enchantment”  Captain John Bielec

3.  Golden Crown  “The Legend of Angkor Wat”  Captain Rob Runowski

4.  Saturnalian  “Twisted Treats and Sinister Sweets”  Captain Jack Hatty

5.  Downtowners  “Beyond Wonderland: A Mad Hatters World”  Captain Frankie DeVito

6.  Clevemore  “Oz”  Captain Ralph Tursi

7.  South Philly Vikings  “The City of Steam”  Captain Gerald Roccia

8.  Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars    Atlantis “Guardians of the Deep” Captain Michael Adams

9.  Jokers  “Dead Men Tell No Tales-A Journey Into Blackbeard’s Realm”  Captain Joe Gallagher

10. Avenuers  “Polynesian Adventure”  Captain Bob Fitzmaurice

11. 2nd Street Shooters “The Dead Will Rise”  Captain Rich Lind

Thank you brigades!

2014 String Band Order of Enjoyment!

MUMMERS_ROWHere are the official theme titles and Captains, plus the Order of Enjoyment for the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade on PHL17.  I see several contenders here for the “Custard’s Last Stand” Award.  I’ll post the Fancy Brigade official list tomorrow.

1. Woodland “Legend of the Lamp”    Captain Tom Robison

2. Fralinger “The Circus Comes to Clown”    Captain Scott Wray

3. Polish American “It’s SNOW-time”    Captain Nick Magenta

4. Avalon “”The Fields Are Alive!”    Captain Jack Hee

5. Ferko “FERKO is TOY-rific”    Captain Anthony Celenza

6. Uptown “The Pillage People”    Captain Ryan Radcliffe

7. Trilby “All For Mum And Mum For All”   Captain Joseph Kaminski

8. South Philadelphia “Invasion of Piracy”     Captain Denny Palandro

9. Greater Overbrook “Showboatin’ on Broad St.”   Captain Bill Razzano

10. Aqua “Aqua Shoots for the Stars”    Captain Ron Iannacone

11. Hegeman “Hegeman’s Household Havoc”    Captain John Baron

12. Quaker City “California Here We Mum”    Captain Jimmy Good

13. Pennsport “A Carnival in Venice”    Captain Charlie Nicholas

14. Broomall “Camping is in Tents”  Captain Peter Broomall, Sr.

15. Durning “Wet Side Story”    Captain Joe Pomante

16. Greater Kensington “Proud to be A”Mum”-Merican”   Captain Harry Bradley

17. Duffy “No Strings Attached”    Captain Ted Kudrick (and mascot Jake!)

The Toys Are Back in Town

I often talk about how the Mummers community helps club members, the neighborhood and the wider Philadelphia community. Tonight, December 18th, is another example, and you can help.  Cara Liom, one of the large wench brigades, is holding its annual toy drive push tonight at Stonehouse Pub at 4th and Ritner in South Philadelphia. Go to the 2nd floor with a toy! Thanks, Cara Liom.

Hey, we’re just 4 days away from the great 2nd Annual Golden Ladle Soup Contest at the Mummers Museum. More than a dozen unique soups, created by Mummers.  Sample, have fun. It all starts at 1pm at the Museum at 2nd and Washington.

In Jerry’s Corner

Jerry LaRosa & me189992_1971490490670_1899600_nOur prayers, hopes, good thoughts and great vibes go out to former Durning String Band Captain Jerry LaRosa, who is on the mend at Cooper Hospital in Camden after a neurological event this week.

I spoke to Jerry today.  He had energy in his voice and he responded well in our conversation.  However, he has a journey of recovery to travel.

Jerry is a dedicated Mummer.  He has led by example as Captain and behind the scenes in the String Band Association.  As his Facebook followers know, he is also a keen observer of life.  Keep getting better, Jerry.  We need you keeping an eye on us.