2014 Fancy Brigade Order of March

The mighty Fancy Brigades tonight have selected the order in which they perform inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center on New Year’s Day.  Meeting at the Mummers Museum this evening, the drawing produced the following results for positions 1 through 11 at both the Noon and 5pm shows.

Going 1st with be the Spartans, followed by Satin Slipper 2nd, then Golden Crown 3rd.

4th will be Saturnalian, followed by Downtowners 5th, and Clevemore 6th. 7th will be S.P.Vikings, 8th will be B. M’s Shooting Stars and then Jokers 9th. Avenuers will be 10th and Second Street Shooters will be 11th.

Tickets for the Noon and 5pm shows for January 1, 2014, are available through ComcastTix.

Happy Mummering!


3 Responses

  1. Steve, I’m trying to locate Kelly Mahon, a distant cousin of mine who was captain of
    Irish American String Band. Do you have her or the club’s contact info? Or she could email me…thx.

  2. Mummers Parade can’t wait
    hi Steve

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