2013 Show of Shows

The wows kept coming this afternoon at the annual Philadelphia Mummers String Band Association Show of Shows. Thousands of fans clapped, cheered and strutted with the Captains and the 16 bands of the String Band Association. The show began with Polish American and Captain Nick Magenta heralding what was to come with their theme, “A Rio Good Time.” Trilby and Uptown followed. Then Greater Overbrook and Duffy. Greater Kensington, Broomall and Durning finished out the first half. Captains and members of the bands paused at intermission to talk with the crowd and be photographed with the fans. Lots of interaction in the people business that is the Mummers.
The 2nd half started with a rousing performance by Aqua and Captain Ron Iannacone. The imaginative Hegeman followed. Then Avalon, Ferko, South Philadelphia, Woodland, Quaker City, and 1st Prize Fralinger. Then came the Captains in a finale capping the 3 hour show. This may have been the last Show of Shows in Boardwalk Hall. Next year the show could be in North Wildwood or Philadelphia.
Congratulations to Hall of Fame inductees Dan Marakowski, of Fralinger, Dan Spencer, of Ferko, Mark Danielewicz, of Polish American, and Joe Volkert, of Quaker City String Band.








Happy 4711!

ImageI had a great time Friday night as the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation celebrated the Chinese New Year at the Ocean City Restaurant on 9th Street in Chinatown.Image  As someone born in the year of the Monkey, I have little in common with the Snake, but being a Monkey, celebrated optimistically with my friends and neighbors.  Comcast employees and NBC10’s Glenn Schwartz were on hand.  PCDC has been a significant, positive force in the preservation of the culture and in the development of Chinatown.Image The annual banquet is always one of the happiest of the year. May you soon fine lucky bamboo stalks near you.

2014 “Order of Enjoyment”

580515_2719093516002_1816954742_1678345_765651564_nThe Philadelphia Mummers String Bands tonight have selected the order in which they will march in the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade!

The new rules for selecting the order mean that the bands that marched in the 1 through 5 positions in 2013, would automatically not be in that first group of 5 in 2014.  Those bands, Greater Overbrook, Durning, Trilby, Broomall and South Philadelphia, selected first and drew from balls that were numbered 6 through 17.

After they picked, the other bands then selected from the remaining unchosen positions 1 through 17.  They selected in the order of the 2013 prize finish, so Fralinger, for example, was the first pick in this group, or the 6th overall to pick.  There was no trading or purchasing of positions. Here is how it ended, the 2014 Order of March, or as I say:


The “Order of Enjoyment”

1. Woodland

2. Fralinger

3. Polish American

4. Avalon

5. Ferko

6. Uptown

7. Trilby

8. South Philadelphia

9. Greater Overbrook

10. Aqua

11. Hegeman

12. Quaker City

13. Pennsport

14. Broomall

15. Durning

16. Greater Kensington

17. Duffy

Now, let the theme selection, planning, budgeting and fundraising begin!

Drawing beginning for order of march.


Order of March

In just a couple of hours, the Philadelphia Mummers String Band Division will be selecting its order of march for the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.  I will be at the drawing and let you know what happens.