Big Changes

Big changes have come on the power block of 2 Street in South Philadelphia.  Fralinger and Quaker City, two of the most successful string bands of all time, have voted to replace key members in leadership positions.  Fralinger has a new Captain and Quaker City has a new Music Director.

D'Amore 2012Fralinger Captain Thomas D’Amore lost a close election to Scott Wray.  Admirers of this band and folks who know Scott wish him all the best.  However, this is also a head turner to many since Thomas has won First Prize Captain 3 of the last 4 years and the band has won First Prize in 2 of the last 4 years.  Thomas has not only excelled as a Captain on Broad Street, but has been professional in his public role as Captain and giving of his time to charitable causes.

shcfeb11,2012 005Fran Rothwein is no longer Music Director of Quaker City String Band.   QC has selected Michael Spanky Brown for the role.  Spanky is another talented and hard working member of Quaker.  Fran has served as MD for nearly 20 years in one of the most successful periods of the band’s history.  He is a flat-out good guy, and talented, too.  Quaker also recently gave him an award for coming back from illness.

Well-meaning Mummers everywhere should recognize the quality and contributions of Thomas D’Amore and Fran Rothwein, and we should all hope that in whatever capacity they choose and Mummery allows, that we will see and hear more of them.

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