Soup Day Success


The annual Soup Day, or Hat Day, or Kazoo Day, among other names, has been highly successful along Two Street.  Members of Mummers Clubs rehearsed in the morning or worked in the clubs or warehouses. Some attended Mass at St. Peter’s. Then, in the afternoon, as the hours progressed a very family-oriented event occurred inside the Mummers Museum: the first annual Soup Day Soup Contest.Image

Congratulations to Donna Howlett, of the JHJ Saints who took first prize with her soup, a sausage and spinach delight.  Froggy Carr finished a close second with a cream crab corn chowder. Satin Slipper was a close third with its navy bean soup.  Here are the Howlett’s. They now own the inaugural Golden Ladle Trophy.









Pennsport String Band was among the early serenaders moving down 2nd Street and Third St. in South Philadelphia as

the daylight began to fade.


Wench Brigades and Fancy Brigades and other String Bands added to the festive atmosphere.


Members of Froggy Carr reminisced and anticipated parade day.  I enjoyed meeting Katie and Patrick Molony , who’s father, Tom,  left us this year.  The Frogs dedicate the upcoming parade to Tom Molony.


I was invited inside Avalon String Band’s clubhouse for their annual family Christmas Party. It was packed. What a wonderful collection of families.  I also presided over the induction of ten gentlemen into the Avalon String Band Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to the following men and their families: Matt Bochanski, the late Tom Cavanaugh, Marv Goodwin, Jim Kimrey, Frank McGugan, Kevin O’Brien, Bill Rinnier, Lex Rogers, Joe Urzillo, Sr., and Mike Vitanza.


Up and down Mummers Row there were good times and a hint of the fun day ahead on New Year’s Day. Dot Thompson, Franny Callan and Delores Macklin enjoyed the day.  Dot and Delores were soup judges, too.


6 Responses

  1. Steve -Thanks for accompanying the Pennsport String Band down 2nd Street for the Hat Parade! Your positive thoughts and images of all things Mummers is appreciated. See you on New Year’s Day! George

  2. Thanks Steve 😉
    We love you!!

  3. When will the recipes be printed?

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