The Parade is a Go!

ImageThe 2013 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade is officially on track!  Mayor Michael Nutter, Congressman Bob Brady, Deputy Mayor Michael DiBerardinis, Mummers Division representatives and others today announced the joyful event at a news conference outside the Philadelphia Visitors Center at LOVE Park.  The 113th annual parade* is, of course, scheduled for New Year’s Day with the Comics leading off as usual from Broad and Washington.  Mayor Nutter praised the uniqueness of the parade and how no one will ever get anything like it anywhere in the world.

ImageCongressman Brady talked about the importance of these Philadelphia traditions continuing.  The Philadelphia Traditions Fund also presented the mayor with a check for $100,000 to defray costs of the parade.  Each year, the Fund helps support about 10 major parades and festivals in the city and a few smaller ones.   Also on hand today were several children who had won the Mummers drawing competition.  The city has made some adjustments to the bleachers this year. There will be more bleachers, especially at the main “A” Stand judging area at 16th and JFK.  More bathrooms and food vendors, too.  But, the most comfortable place to witness the parade will be in your family room, watching on PHL17. will also stream the parade for Mummers fans, especially those in the Armed Forces.   PHL17 reports viewers watched the e2012 parade online in all 50 states and 85 nations.

*This is the 113th official parade, though really 2 parades in the first half of the 20th Century did not take place.  But, for simplicity and because some Mummers still strutted in their neighborhoods in those 2 years, folks still count from 1901.

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