Fralinger Fire Fund To Aid Victims

Fral.FireSkyphoto-2Fralinger String Band is announcing that all the money donated to the Fralinger Fire Fund will be donated to the families adversely affected by the fire.

The string band had feared that the December 10th fire had destroyed all of its props.  But leaders of the historic band say they have made a final determination that the water and smoke damaged props are repairable.  The Fund was established before that was known, and although there is some cost of repair, the band will not touch any of the donated money for itself.

All proceeds donated to the Fralinger Fire Fund received from December 12, 2012 through January 1, 2013, will be given to the fire victims.  Fralinger encourages continued donations to the Fralinger Fire Fund in order to assist these families.

Fralinger expresses its gratitude to the Fire and Police Departments, L & I, other Mummers and non Mummer residents who have been involved in saving as much of the warehouse as they could and assisting Fralinger in the recovery.

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