Why There are Mummers


3 Maminskis, father and 2 sons, are about to strut up Broad! Congratulations to Kenny Maminski, who’s been at it for nearly 4 decades. This pillar of Aqua String Band will be strutting among family on New Year’s Day. Son, 14-year-old Eddie, plays sax and has been parading since he was 7. This parade, 10-year-old Andrew will take his sax up the street for the first time. Kenny’s wife, Marie, is helping with the band’s choreography. Daughter Samantha lends her support. Perhaps the greatest gift of Mummery is the opportunity it provides to be a touchstone for families. The Mummers parade, a Maminski family affair on New Year’s Day.

4 Responses

  1. The Aqua String Band would also like to acknowledge Ken’s brother Tommy, and his son T.J. who are both long time performers with the band as well. Both Ken and Tommy are Aqua Hall of Fame Members. We are EXTREMELY proud of the ENTIRE Maminski Family – their dedication to Aqua and their community is inspiring and we are honored to have them as distinguished members of our organization.

  2. They are a GREAT family. Very dedicated too.

  3. The parade was a Mess. Disorganzed, bands, wenches and fancies mixed with one going one way and another going a different route it was total chaos! The people who made the decision to (dis)organize this failure should stand up and admit that Huge mistakes were made. The poor planning will cut back on the viewers and attendees for next year unless a new set of plans, more like the old way, can be set in motion! This one was a failure.

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