Pomroy Power


I stopped by Belgrade and Oxford today in Fishtown to say hello again to a legend.  Walt Pomroy has been raising donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for 43 years.  He sells hot dogs and soda outside his house for a a buck-50 and has raised more than 90-thousand dollars in those 4+ decades.  That’s a lot of kids and adults helped.  Thank you, Walt. The MDA Show of Strength airs Sunday night, September 2, 2012 on PHl17.

The King of All Music

Hall of Famer Joey King today celebrated the grand opening of King’s Music at 13th and Passyunk in South Philadelphia.  The Pep Band and other performers stopped by today. Joey is in his 49th year as a Mummer.  He played with the Garden State String Band, South Philadelphia, Ferko, Woodland and Trilby and most recently, about 15 years, for Quaker City String Band.  His new store looks great.  It’s a full line store with Fender and other guitars, top of the line Selmer  saxophones and those gleaming Zildjian cymbals.  Joey says King’s Music also offers lessons.  Whether its banjo, piano or drums, sax or whatever, you know the lessons will be good if Joey’s involved or overseeing it.  The King family has been and still is a major family among the String Bands and now Joey even ups the ante by starting his small business all about the music.  Congratulations, Mr. King, and best of good fortune to you and King’s Music.