Bear Affair

The 12th annual Harmelin Media Bear Affair was a roaring success Thursday night at the Crystal Tea Room in Center City, Philadelphia.  I again had the opportunity to emcee and auction off a few items to benefit the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance.  I was joined by Mike Missanelli, of 97.5 The Fanatic (great job Mikey Miss), plus Philadelphia Eagles Chad Hall and Riley Cooper.  Pete Ciarrocchi, of the Philadelphia Soul, and Don Tollefson stopped by to help out.

The biggest stars of the night were the survivors, and the police officers, the workers at the Department of Human Services, of course the Alliance folks, and all the corporate and other contributors who know the importance of  preventing child sexual abuse and of helping rebuild lives if that abuse has occurred. A big moment is when young ladies, members of the Daisies and Brownies, brought teddy bears they had made to make them available to kids who could use the comfort of a good bear.

Probably the biggest fun moment of the night was how enthusiastically Riley and Chad allowed themselves to be auctioned off.  As I said to the bidders, they are wide receivers, you’re allowed to make a pass at them.

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