Runyan Off and Running

In another race to watch this fall, Congressman Jon Runyan says “We’re gonna get our country back.” The Republican New Jersey Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District Tuesday night officially kicked off his campaign for re-election in Burlington County. He made a similar announcement Monday night in Toms River, Ocean County. Speaking at the Westin Hotel in Mt. Laurel, Runyan warned “I don’t think anyone of us thinks the American dream will be there for our children and grandchildren.” Runyan said he is fighting to reign in out of control spending. He blames the Harry Reid-led U.S. Senate and President Obama.

The 3rd District seat was long held by Republican Jim Saxton until his retirement. Democrat John Adler won the open seat in 2008. Runyan defeated Congressman Adler in 2010. John Adler died in 2011. Adler’s wife, Shelley, is now the Democrat seeking the job this year. She is a former Cherry Hill Councilmember. Reapportionment after the census has made the 3rd more Republican leaning. It is most of Burlington County and much of Ocean County. Cherry Hill is no longer in the district. Federal law allows Shelley Adler to run in the 3rd even though Cherry Hill has been removed. There are reports she will move within the new district lines. Look for this contest to be one of different ideas in an emotional Presidential year.

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