“Occupy” Runs for Congress

An “Occupy” challenger to a Democratic incumbent has entered a Democratic primary race for Congress in the Philadelphia region. Nathan Kleinman hopes to defeat veteran incumbent Allyson Schwartz in the 13th Congressional District, which is parts of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia. Nate Kleinman made his announcement today on the steps of the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown. He says “We’ve got to establish accountability for our members of Congress.” He adds, “Too many people are being left behind in this country and that’s why I am running for Congress.” I asked him if he is saying that Allyson Schwartz is a tool of corporate America. Kleinman says he’s not saying that, but he notes that she voted again net neutrality and “for the Bush tax cuts for the rich.” Kleinman is one of the first involved with the Occupy movement to declare for Congress in the U.S.  He states that he is proud of his involvement with Occupy, though he says he is “running on his own platform.”

Kleinman was joined by retired Philadelphia Police Department Captain Ray Lewis who has been vocal in the Occupy effort. He calls Kleinman, “The real deal.” Nate Kleinman pledges to take no corporate money and to spend no time raising money if elected to Congress.

 A spokesperson for Congresswoman Schwartz says Philadelphia and Montgomery County want “someone who stands up for their values while also working to find common ground.”  The Schwartz backers note that she was a player in the compromise to continue the payroll tax cut. They see Schwartz as a centrist and best fitting the 13th District.

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