Stand Up. Take the Pledge.

The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance issued a call to action today. PCA, which seeks justice for victims of child sexual abuse, called on everyone to pledge not to stay silent, but to report child sex abuse. At a news conference today in Center City, Philadelphia, PCA unveiled a pledge it hopes everyone will embrace.  (The pledge is farther down below.) Joining PCA today were the Philadelphia Soul and the Greater Media radio group.  I’ve been involved with the Alliance for a few years and was also asked to make a few statements and lead folks in the pledge.  The Soul is donating to PCA some of the proceeds from every ticket sold for the home opener against Cleveland on April 1st.  The 5 stations of Greater Media will be talking about the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance and urging you to take the pledge and support the cause. Ron Jaworski, part-owner of the Soul, hopes everyone will, “Stand up and be sure that people are aware that sexual abuse of our children is taking place. Don’t be quiet. Let the authorities know.”  The great Olympian Carl Lewis told me, “This is not just about someone else’s family. This is about all of our families, all of our communities. So, we need to come together.”  Here’s the pledge:

“If I see, hear, suspect, or in any way become aware that a child is being abused, I will not keep silent.  I will have the courage to help that child break free of the silence, secrecy and shame that should never define a child’s life.” 

If you see a child being abused, please call 911 immediately.

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