2013 Order of Enjoyment

The String Band Division has selected its Order of March, or as I call it, the Order of Enjoyment, for the 2013 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. This is a critically important draw as 2012 Champion Woodland String Band plots strategy of how best to defend its title and SugarHouse Casino PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Winner South Philadelphia String Band has had to battle in recent years to make an impression on the judges that will last through the entire round.

 It was a packed house in the Mummers Museum as representatives of each band selected envelopes, each containing one number.  In the draw, both Ferko and Quaker City improved their positions over 2012. Fralinger, which for 2 years has started near the beginning of the division, will in 2013 conclude the performances. Going up the street 1st will be Greater Overbrook String Band.

Here’s how it all sets up for New Year’s Day, 2013!

1. Greater O

2. Durning

3. Trilby

4. Broomall

5. South Philadelphia

6. Hegeman

7. Woodland

8. Aqua

9. Uptown

10. Polish American

11. Avalon

12. Ferko

13. Greater Kensington

14. Quaker City

15. Pennsport

16. Duffy

17. Fralinger

10 Responses

  1. Steve I moved to Naples Florida last year and watched the stream on line very bad I hope this year will be better! I luv the mummers parade and hope I can watch the 2013 parade. I luv they way u guys give all the info about bands and history . Please, please get it right this year

    Thank u

  2. Hey Steve-any dea on the themes for the SB for 2013?
    Please post-thanks

  3. Steve, Any word on themes yet? Getting close and I want to get my scoring sheet ready.

  4. Is it true Fralinger was suppose to come up street first when they had the selection but they traded with Greater Overbrook and paid them

    • Not exactly. There was a trade by Fralinger with another band and there was money involved, but it was all in accordance with the rules that were in place. Since the trades, (two other bands also traded) the rules have been amended and such exchanges will no longer occur. New rules in place for the next parade are aimed at preventing clubs who went up in the first five this year, from being trapped in that same grouping.

  5. When can we stop calling it a parade? Watching a couple of dozen guys in black sweatshirts and sweatpants drag tons of painted plywood up Broad Street while the “band” walks by in complete indifference is not a parade. Let’s put them in the Convention Center with the Brigades and leave Broad Street for real Mummers!

    • If you want to see them in the convention center then go to the show of shows if they went to the convention center on New years day you would rob a lot of people that would not be able to get into the center of the enjoyment of seeing them march. You just have to go to the right spot to see them drill.

  6. Really? Why not just tune in when the part you like starts. I personally watch the String Bands, however I wouldn’t want to take away from others that enjoy the rest.

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