Emotional Night

Nearly 200 people gathered outside The Epiphany of Our Lord School in South Philadelphia to show how much they love the school and to express hope that a path can be found to keep it open.  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia anounced last Friday that it would be closing nearly 50 elementary and high schools after this school year.  The people who gathered at 13th and Jackson were adults and children.  The adults were parents who have kids at the school now, or had them there before and saw the benefit of it.  There were also alumni and people who did not attend the school but see it as important to the well-being of the community.  Some of those on the scene were also Mummers. I saw folks from the Jester’s and the Vikings.  Sheryl Meccariello, a crossing guard at the school, tells me she had 5 kids go through Epiphany.  In Sheryl’s words, “We’re family here.”  Family was mentioned more than anything else at the rally.  “It’s a family.”  “You love your school, you love your community.”  The crowd was determined not to give up on the school they love. “It’s more than just business,” said one.  Young Julia Parmisciano, who has experienced her own miracle after getting a heart transplant,  held a sign that read, “Epiphany’s Our Life.”  Whether they have a real chance to change the plans of the Archdiocese is not known.  But, their passion to try is real.  As one child shouted, “They can’t close this school down for nothin’.”