Woodland String Band’s theme was “It’s a Jungle Out There.” Well, Woodland rules the jungle.  Its members are 1st prize winners of the 2012 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade. It’s official confirmation of what they and their fans have known for a long, long time: They’re darn good Mummers. Woodland has existed since 1927 and never won first prize. Hard to believe. In many recent years it’s scored well but often below what some of us thought it should. Not today. On January 1, 2012, Woodland String Band rocked the status quo, ending the Fralinger-Quaker City lock on 1st prize that has existed since the 1990’s. Woodland did this despite both QC and Fralinger, as well as Ferko and South Philadelphia, putting on top flight performances of their own.  Congratulations to Woodland String Band President Tom Loomis and Captain Tom Robison. Tom also took home 3rd prize captain. I’ve seen this band at its blood drives and elsewhere, where it works to support those in need and the neighborhood.  The world got to see the fun and amazement that they can do on New Year’s Day.  Woodland String Band is the champion.

Defending champion, Quaker City String Band, fought hard, with pride and commitment, as you would expect and its members take 2nd prize. South Philadelphia’s early appearance in the division raised the bar and SPSB is 3rd. Ferko finishes 4th and Fralinger 5th.

Congratulations to Fralinger Captain Thomas D’Amore, who takes 1st prize Captain, as Chief of the Clans in Fralinger’s Scottish theme. Jack Hee, Jr., of Avalon, finishes 2nd for the second year in a row. Tom Robison is 3rd, South Philadelphia’s Denny Palandro 4th and Ferko’s Anthony Celenza, 5th.  Hegeman finishes 6th, followed by Avalon, Aqua, Greater Kensington and Polish American. Uptown comes in 11th. Then it’s Pennsport, Durning, Duffy, Greater Overbrook, Broomall and Trilby.
In the Comic Division, Murray takes home its 14th 1st prize in a row. Murray Captain Dennnis Pellegrino finishes on top among Captains with his pirate theme, which was thought up by his son, Nicholas. Two Street Stompers with Wenchtoberfest take 1st among brigades. In the big wench brigades, O’Malley wins.
In the Fancy Division, score another 1st for Hog Island and for its Captain Kenny Medeiros.
And, in the Fancy Brigade Division, South Philly Vikings have returned to the top of the hill. Their ground breaking Ka Light Oscope was mesmerizing. SPV’s Captain Pete D’Amato also takes 1st Prize Captain.

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  1. Steve,
    THE BEST parade I have seen yet! I envy your knowledge of the Mummers. The live stream was a fantastic idea. Hopefully MYPHL 17 was able to collect stats from it. The response has been heavy on my site list and maybe an inspiration for national TV coverage for 2013. Doesn’t Comcast own MYPHL, cable may be the way to get it done!!

    • Thanks, Mark. We’d love it, too. PHL is owned by Tribune, not Comcast. However, we’d love to explore it going national. Part of the problem in the past is that folks outside of Philadelphia only wanted to take about 2 hours of the parade.

  2. Steve,
    Great effort this year by the bands and many were off the charts. Unfortunately I had to rely on the stream and while it provided a much needed mummer experience it mised on several fronts. Without HD you cannot see the brilliant details and the frames per second rate are too low – closer to a skype quality (I have a high bandwidth service so the issue was at the source). Still the audio was great and we were able to enjoy our favorite Fralinger Sax line.

    • We’ll look into it, Bob. First thing we have to see is level of use of the existing one and see if there is opportunity to do the HD on the web at a reasonable cost. The TV Broadcast is HD, so we’re halfway there. Thanks for watching and for commenting.



  3. I guess TV is the only way to watch the Parade. I was in the stands just outside the broadcast trailer at 16th Street. Parade viewers started unpacking and drinking beer and liquor by 8am. Added to this, in front of the stands was a group that set up their things on the first row of stands and stood at the barrier during the whole parade. The rest of the viewers, who were asked to sit so everyone could see, couldn’t see the parade. I made short videos of the comic and some wench divisions, but on most of these you can hear the nonstop profanity of the group in front of us. Someone sitting near me said that it was like being in the Jerry Springer audience. I left before 1pm because I didn’t want to spend the day taking pictures and making videos of the group. When I left I told two people with staff jackets about this. They said that other people had complained about this group, but nothing was done about it. Maybe next year the city can set up a family friendly viewing area where alcohol is banned and viewers are made to sit down when the parade is going on. It would be worth an extra charge.
    I’ll probably hear that “people should be able to have fun,” but it shouldn’t be at the expense of ruining the parade for others.

    • Rich, I will send your observation to Leo Dignam, the Deputy Commissioner who overseas the parade. I think your idea is a great one.

    • Our corner is filled with families and friends of firefighters and Police officers. It’s a well behaved crowd with lots of little kids. One group makes signs to cheer on every group that goes past. It adds to the happy atmosphere and lets the groups know they are appreciated. Yes, the strings will stop and give a tune or 2, and sometimes people will strut along. They do not, ever do a full routine: just a song or two. This year there were approximately 25 officers (or a few more) assigned to “keep you people on the sidewalk”. Children sitting on the curb were not allowed to put their feet on the asphalt! Some family members had been at City Hall and a few were several blocks above us. They left both sites because of the pushing, fighting and drunkeness at other places. The over-kill at our spot left City Hall and other places where the “fans” are used to becoming drunk as their goal for the day, short of police presence. A police caprain even came to the bolck to enforce the “curb only” rule. We were told the Mummer’s directors had complained of our behavior. Old peoplefamilies and children? It was upsetting to everyone, especially the many children there. And now I read how ill-behaved people were allowed to do as they pleased all day. What goes? The officers could not understand why they were told to guard our block because we were so cooperative. This is why people stop coming to the parade.

  4. I was surprised that the last place string band won. Woodland was great, but it was a very close score.
    I agree with the viewer who found the judges blocking out the performers annoying. You guys did a fantastic job.

  5. Woodland was great, but I have to say the Quaker City blew me away. I just wish they would move the String bands up and hour. It’s really hard to get to South Philly by 9:00 a.m on New Year’s day. Half the people were just starting to walk up Broad Street and the string bands were already finished. All-in-all it was a GREAT day with great performances!!

  6. Steve, The beginning of South Phila string band’s performance was cut off on this website. The first 1:30 was cut. Could you look into having this fixed.

  7. Enjoyed reading the positive feedback from the viewers and witnesses who were at the parade. there were some negative reports, but that was’nt the mummmers fault. There are some who don’t care who is around to listen to their foul language. There are not enough adjectives to describe their unfortunate behavior. One more thing, is there going to be a rebroadcast of the bands? If so, what are the times and or dates?

  8. Judges are NOT the Problem, being on camera. They are there to do a job, which they do well. TV is the Problem with all the the people they have on the street taking shots that have no relationship to the parade.
    TV at this point is more of a deterent than they are any good.

    TV stay out of the way of the judges, Not judges out of the way of TV.


    • Tom:
      You are absolutely right. The TV people are WRONG. They think they own the street. The Judges are there to do a job, and a great job they do. They don’t need Tv & all the hand held cameras & microphones in the way taking STUPID shots & getting in the way of the performers.


  9. Thank you Phl17.com for the live streaming coverage.
    I watched the parade on my new Motorola Atrix 2 phone and it was almost as good as TV, and better in that I could zoom the screen while viewing and catch close up detail. Next I will learn how to record at same time? maybe.
    I live in NC, but had my friends in New Zealand watching too.

    NZ HERALD, Christchurch, may soon be a fan for the MUMMERS.

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