Parade is a Go-Go!

The 2012 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade is clear to step off Sunday morning, New Year’s Day. There will be a final check of the weather and other conditions at 4 a.m. Sunday morning, but all indicators are green.

The Comics, as usual, will begin the parade from Broad and Washington and head to the new judging/broadcast area at 16th and JFK in Center City, Philadelphia.

Important tv note: The only place to see live coverage of the parade on television anywhere in the world is PHl17 in Philadelphia. There is no other station coverage in any other tv market.

However, for our Mum friends in communities far away, there is a video option via the internet. is planning to stream the parade from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The web site will also have great still photos and other video options.

So if you are in the PHL17 viewing area, tune to PHL17 beginning at 9 a.m. for Breakfast with the Mummers. If you are outside the viewing area, you can get the parade on

The photo in the upper left is of a work of art created by an artist, one of several, on display at Philadelphia City Hall.  There are works on the second floor and mainly at room 116 on the first floor.  The Nutter Administration put together a nice spread of what Mumming is all about and encouraged artists to create works to help tell the story.

12 Responses

  1. Steve, This is the 2nd Year when the 2 street comics csme on your station went to commerical!! Why cant they break when you and your partners talk, we want to see the groups.. They better judge better…

    • Sorry, Dottie, but I don’t control the breaks. What I do know is the folks who do say they have to hit certain times and that means some performers don’t get seen. There have been other times when other clubs have been affected and sometimes two years in a row. It’s nothing against the Stompers. I will mention to the production crew that they need to try extra hard to get them on next year.

  2. I like the parade coverage and your guests, however I have issue with your referring to those who work on the Delaware as the “real” working people. ALL those who work are the real workers. My husband work reading X-rays and cat scans every day from 7am to 7 pm like a dog hoping to help people stay alive…just as important ( or maybe more) as the tug captain pulling a ship full Chinese cr-p into our port. Don’t glorify one work ethic over another. Thanks

    • You’re absolutely right,Lenore, and I apologize for my short hand. It is a people and parade and the lions share of folks are who we would call middle class or working class or perhaps just one step away but very much relating to what it means to work. In some defense, I was continuing a discussion I had earlier about the origins of Mummery and back in those days there were no technology and service sector jobs that so many of us have today. I was also thinking of Duffy Captain Ted Kudrick, who works on such a boat. Anyway, all that was on my mind, but I meant no other implication.

  3. It was so annoying watching the string bands today, I love watching them and to see beautiful ground level shots blocked by some old guys walking in front of the cameras, who had no regard for the TV audience was disturbing. You must do something different next year.

  4. Steve,

    Great job as usual by you and WPHL on the Mumers’ Parade. However, Byron Scott let a lot to be desired!

  5. I would like to thank Steve Highsmith for mentioning me by name (Rick Willens) while reveiwing Durning String Band at the judges booth. I was the artist that created the carved cars and designed the scenery and props. I have to also mention…
    lso mention…mt assistant, Mark, who did the airbrush work…he did a beautiful job. Alot of grear artists

  6. Want the mummers parade to be on other stations like it used to be. Caught the before acts one time and loved it. Please get back on the other stations.

  7. Want the mummers parade to be on other stations like it used to be. Caught the before acts one time and loved it. Please get back on the other stations. I live in kansas and the only parade we see now is the Rose parade.

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