Jozef & the Amazing Technicolor Mumcoat

The 2012 SugarHouse Mummers Parade nears and pretty much folks know what their doing. Most of the work is finished. There are exceptions and you know who you are. One of the geniuses of the parade is a family. The Jozefowski family, of Golden Sunrise NYA. Mom, Ellie, Dad, Henrik, daughter, Alexandra, and brother, Jozef. Ellie has been parading since she was a little girl. Both she and Alexandra are Penn grads. Alexandra’s gone up the street, too. Henrik is from Poland and although he’s scheduled to be in the Captain’s presentation this year, he usually stays behind the scenes. He’s the builder. Jozef is the one with the imagination. The 22-year-old graduated from Temple in May and is beginning a career in the film industry. In the 2011 parade he won First Prize for his Mozart-inspired theme, “Symphonic Hazzard.” The display of his suit is in the Mummers Museum. This year he’s been working on a “Timekeeper” theme. I got to see it in production and it’s pretty cool. You can get a glimpse, too, tonight at 10pm on PHL17. Happy Mumming!

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