It’s Official. Everybody wear a girdle.

The Mummers Parade route is changed and it will, at least mentally, require that the participants get a little thinner at the end of the route.  The annual mid-December meeting between the City of Philadelphia and each of the Mummers Clubs took place Wednesday night at the Mummers Museum.  Deputy Recreation Commissioner Leo Dignam and his team said nearly all of the parade route is unchanged but that there is one significant difference.  Because of the construction that’s beginning at Dilworth Plaza, the parade cannot end at 15th and Market(the west side of City Hall) and there can be no judging there.  Now, and perhaps for 3 parades, the “A” stand Mummers will proceed west around City Hall, but instead of stopping at 15th and Market and performing there, they will continue north to JFK Boulevard, turn left on JFK and proceed to 16th where the judges and the broadcast booth and fans in stands will be awaiting them. There will be no stands at 15th and Market.  The change presents several new challenges to participants, but the main two are: 1. It’s a different performing area.  2.  The exit is on to 16th Street but as of now the exit space is perhaps 28 feet wide, much narrower than in the past. Thus, my good natured girdle headline.  This will pose a challenge for moving some props and for larger groups, such as the biggest wench brigades, but these are logistical matters and for the entertainers that are the Mummers, the adjustment will be made.  The City thought about using 15th and JFK but there is actually a hump in that intersection that would make performing difficult.

By the way, for the fans all other performance areas remain unchanged. There is a participant and fan-friendly change involving where the Wench Brigade Division clubs enter Broad Street.  They are back on Broad!  Recently, they had been joining Broad Street at Washington Avenue, but now they are allowed to begin deep in South Philadelphia closer to Snyder.  The indoor show goes on with the Fancy Brigade Division at Noon and 5 inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

More tomorrow on the Order of March.