Crafts & Arts Sunday!

It’s time. The 2012 Greatest Folk Parade Tradition steps off in 57 days.  On this first weekend in November thousands of Mummers take a significant turn in the long process of getting ready for the Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day. The RPM’s rev a little more, almost with each new day.  But, while the rehearsals continue and the focus intensifies, some of the other aspects of Mummery still go on. That includes fundraising.  So, tomorrow, Sunday, November 6th, I encourage you to stop by Neumann Goretti High School for “Mummers Celebrate Crafts.” Parking and admittance are free. The event features more than 40 artists. Get a head start on the holidays and also in the process help the Philadelphia Fancy Brigade Association be able to create their artistry in the Convention Center on NY’s Day.  (I plan to stop by around another event I’m involved with called Art-Reach. It brings the arts to kids who otherwise would not exposed to them.)  Support Your Local Mummer with an enjoyable, affordable shopping experience tomorrow at Neumann Goretti.

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