Butterflies, Courtesy of Katie

Butterflies soared into the air this warm, sunny weekend from the hands of children and their loved ones in Philadelphia.  I had the honor of emceeing the 3rd Annual Monarch Butterfly Release and Safety Event  presented by Katie’s Foundation for Child Safety.

Katie lost her life several years ago when an armoire fell on her.  She would have been 10.  I first met Judy and Bob Lambert, Katie’s parents, shortly after Katie’s passing and it was clear from that moment that they would work to save other children’s lives by making society more aware of the potential dangers in the home, including the threat posed by dressers, armoires, television sets, tv stands and other furniture that can topple over.  Thousands of deaths and injuries occur each year in home accidents.

This year’s butterfly release is part of that multi-pronged effort to remember those no longer with us and to raise awareness.

Pennsylvania State Representative Josh Shapiro, of Abington, and Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman, both of whom have advocated for children safety, took part in the ceremony on the grounds of our gracious host, Jeanes Hospital.  Jeanes even has butterfly bushes. Cool.

Please remember, secure any large piece of furniture that can topple.  You’d be surprised what a climbing toddler can do.  The event was a great success with Ellen Strange playing her violin beautifully, Liz Raine singing, and scores of families taking part.