Night of the Wenches

Lift those feet and pump those fingers for Two Street!  Congratulations to the newest inductees into the Wench Brigade Association Hall of Fame.  The Association, led by President Charles “Chalie” McKenna gathered in South Philadelphia for the annual celebration of the heart and soul  of Mummery.  The Pirates welcomed Vince Deissroth into the Hall.  Riverfront Mummers celebrated the life of the late Bud Rodebaugh, who strutted in 53 parades.  Joseph “UNC” Fitzgerald rises to the Hall from Cara Liom.  O’Malley celebrates Mike Hoffman.  William “Clyde” Mort is elevated from Joey Howlett, Jr., Saints.  Clyde is Mr. Umbrella.  Bryson New Year’s Brigade marks the entrance into the Hall of Michael “Gootch” Bryson.  Newest  member of the Association, Oregon, ushered Vince “Bim” Paley.  Bim at one time or the other has been involved in every division of the Mummers parade.  Best to all the inductees and their families and all who wear the dress of New Year’s Day.

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