Hannah is Now in the House

Another Mummer has entered the world.  Hannah Adalyn Becica was born today.  She arrived weighing 7 pounds and looking quite cute.  Mother Katie and Father Ivo are doing just fine.   Katie’s Mom, Joan Murray, is ecstatic.  Congratulations to the Becica family, the Murray family,  the Wild Rovers, and the Murray Comic Club Family.  All know, too, that Joan’s late husband, Jerry Murray, is smiling from above and they wish he were here so they could see him enjoy his grandchild and glow about his daughter, Katie, and son-in-law, Ivo.  Jerry left us a little over two years ago, shortly after the parade in 2009.  His “Wild Rovers” have carried on on Broad Street, remembering him all the way and his family have done him proud.  Congratulations to Jerry’s sisters, Maryanne and Marjorie, and brother, Joe.  And, of course, there is cousin, Lynn, who is already planning how to spoil baby Hannah.  This is a good day.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Steve,

    I am still on cloud nine over my new little granddaughter, Hannah. I was with Katie and Ivo through the whole thing and I don’t have the words to express how wonderful and special and emotional it was to see her being born. I know that Jerry was there with us throughout, and is smiling that big grin of his, and maybe dancing as well! Mom and Dad and Hannah are doing fine. What a blessing she is to our family. She even got her first Mummers outfit and pair of golden slippers at the baby shower! Thanks so much for thinking of us. This is a VERY HAPPY occasion.


    • Congratulations, Joan. You have permission to remain on Cloud 9 whenever you are around Hannah. Please give my best to Katie and Ivo.


  2. Hi Steve
    Just wanted to say thank you for comming to the wench banquet and making a great speech.
    You are a very busy man and a true mummer thanks again from Bryson nyb ,Omalley, Rverfront ,Saints ,Froggy,.Cara liom . Pirates, & Oregon

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