Good ‘n Plenty

Marty Good, Sr.

As we prepare for the exciting Show of Shows at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday, February 26th, 2011, there is another development in the world of String Bands.  An orderly transition of leadership is taking place within the String Band Association.  Mr. John Pignotti, the Hall of Fame former First Prize winning Captain of Hegeman String Band, has served as President of the String Band Association for 12 years.  Thank you for your service, John.   Now, the umbrella is being passed to long-time Vice-President, Mr. Marty Good, Sr.  Marty is having a plentiful year already.  His band, Quaker City String Band, wins First Prize and the PHL17 Viewer’s Choice Award,  he will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame next month, he and Catherine have been blessed with a second grandchild, Brady, (Carly got here first) and he has been elected as President of the String Band Association.  His sons Marty, Jr.,  Scott and Jimmy are making mom and dad proud, too.  President Marty, congratulations!

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