One for Tony

String Band brothers and sisters and other Mummers streamed into the Quaker City Clubhouse Friday night.  They came together for Tony and Maria Bonanno.  The dollar draught and the dollar dogs were a good draw, but it was love and respect for Tony and Maria that really pulled them in.

Tony is seriously ill and Maria has been wonderful through all the stress. I saw folks from nearly a dozen string bands, possibly more.  With a jammed bar downstairs and a jazz band jammin’ upstairs, folks celebrated a fun, inspirational Mummer, an all-around great guy, and, of course, the man who put the mmmm in martini from North Wildwood to 2 Street.  We lifted a glass and lifted our thoughts for Tony Bonanno.  Here’s some of the scene at Quaker City.


3 Responses


  2. Thanks Steve for stopping in on Friday and supporting our friends Tony and Maria

  3. You are welcome, Maria, and it is we who thank you. If it is okay, I may be able to stop by tomorrow evening after 6pm for a few minutes to say hi to Tony. I won’t know my schedule for certain until tomorrow, Monday, but I might be able to come by.

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