Shaken or Stirred!

Like James Bond, Tony Bonanno likes martinis.  And you need to shake, stir or at least look at one this Friday night, because it’s time for us to step up in honor of Tony and his wife, Maria.  If you follow this column, you know that I have reported that Tony has been very ill.  Maria has been able to do some work from home, but as you can imagine, a serious illness can take quite a toll in many ways.  Your opportunity to help a family with Class, Pride and Commitment is here, this Friday, February 4th.  Quaker City String Band is holding a party (there’ll be martinis and beer and non-alcholic drinks) to raise money for the family.  The get together starts at 8pm.  It costs 10 dollars to get in.  Lots of businesses on or near 2 Street and on South Street have donated items to make the evening a success.  Any way you like it, it’s a call to action this Friday night at the Quaker City String Band Clubhouse to help a great couple, Maria and Tony Bonanno.  Where there’s a Mummer, there’s a Bond.

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