A Goodbye to “Corky”

It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. Never easy to say goodbye to someone who was a leader. But, that time sadly came today for family, friends and the community of Mummers saying a final farewell to Mr. Robert Corcoran.

 Bob “Corky” Corcoran, Hall of Famer, former President of the String Band Association, former President of Woodland String Band, and member and officer in other bands over his decades-long career in Mummery, passed away on January 22nd.   In a note to many Mummers, Tom Loomis, of Woodland String Band, called Bob Corcoran, “a LOVING guy who stood by his people and stood strong for our great tradition of Mummery.”

Today, members of Avalon, Ferko, Pennsport and Woodland String Bands gathered outside of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church at 3rd and Reed Streets in South Philadelphia to play a final serenade to Mr. Corcoran.  Also adding to the meaningful service was The Second Street Irish Society Pipes and Drums.  Mummer Mike Dingler, attended today’s service and echoes the thoughts of many, when he says, “It was a fitting send-off to a man who touched so many lives.”  Bob touched those lives as a father and grandfather, husband, brother, and uncle, as a Teamster, a court worker,  a West Catholic guy, a Comic, a musician, a String Band advocate, and a defender of tradition. The Corcoran family lives on in the Mummers, as will the contributions and the memory of Mr. Robert Corcoran.

2 Responses

  1. Corky was a stand up guy. He was a good friend of my family and an even better mummer. The “Mum World” has lost another great one and he will be sorely missed. RIP Corky.

  2. Corky was not only a true gentleman, he was a Mummer’s Mummer. Here’s to you Cork. Til we meet again!!

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