Sweet Time

Good friends met tonight at the Sugar House Casino.  Sugar House hosted MummersAppreciation Night at the casino’s Refinery Restaurant.  Mummers from all across Mummery gathered to eat, drink, talk, win prizes and otherwise have a good time.  They came from Murray Comic Club, Golden Sunrise and Hog Island Fancy Clubs, and scores of String Bands and Fancy Brigades. 

Fred Keller was telling me how the Jokers worked so hard to turn around some last minute snafus to take 1st Prize, Avalon Captain Jack Hee shared his Mr. Mom weekend (you can do it, Jack!), Big Bob Shannon gave a thumbs up, and  Bill Burke was all smiles.  You name the Mummer and you saw the smile, humor and real people so many Philadelphians have come to know.  South Philly Vikings, Shooting Stars, Polish American, Greater Kensington (Captain Tatar was there) and more appreciated the thanks the gaming establishment bestowed.  Wendy Hamilton of Sugar House and her team of very gracious and competent player representatives provided a casual and fun setting for these Titans of Two Street.  There’s Wendy with the great Joe Leso of Polish American. Below are some other photos from tonight’s Mummers Appreciation Night at Sugar House Casino on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


And a splendid time was guaranteed for all.

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