Scheming and Theme-ing

When the 2011 Mummers Parade hits the street this weekend, you will be entertained from the Old World to the New World, from young clubs to old timers.  Murray Comic Club leads us off in its 75th year strutting up Broad Street.   The Comics can be quite topical.  I won’t  give it away, so I’ll just say that Murray Captain Dennis Pellegrino may have the pulse of these economic times when he kicks off the 2011 parade.  Landi Captain Rob Sojkowski plans to get topical, too.      (All the photos in this story are from unrelated performances in the 2010 parade.)

The Fancies will wow us with the beauty of frame suits and the exotic themes of King Clown, King Jockey, Handsome Trim and Handsome Costume. Captain Matt Glovacz, of Golden Sunrise Fancy Club, is going to warm us up with his presentation.  (I caught a glimpse.)  Matt is also taking part in his 3oth parade with Golden Sunrise.  Captain Kenny Medeiros, of Hog Island, is going to get your feet tapping. (I caught a glimpse here, too!)

I can tell you the String Band theme titles.  Pennsport kicks off this division with “Pennsport: Marching to Our Own Beat.”  Fralinger is “At the Golden Gate of Kiev.” Woodland presents “Gator Done!-Bayou Style.” The Peter A. Broomall String Band is “Different Strokes for Different Folks.”  South Philadelphia is “No Boat Like Showboat.” Durning is “Irish You A Merry Christmas.” Greater Kensington is “The ROAR-ing 20s.”  Aqua is “Aqua Has A Peel!” Polish American is “Shipwrecked.” The Original Trilby String Band performs “Mumtoberfest.” Uptown is “Shake, Rattle and Casserole.” Hegeman is “Hegeman SPURS up trouble!” Duffy does “Back on Track.”  Quaker City performs “My Kind of Clown.” Avalon is “Holiday in Havana.” Greater Overbrook does “The Sidewalks of New York.” Ferko String Band is “Ferko Stakes Their Claim!”

And that’s the outdoor parade.  The Fancy Brigades will thank the crowd as they march up to Broad to Washington before they have turn off to get ready for the big indoor show.  They will do their presentations with props and full costuming only  indoors at the PA Convention Center.  The latest word on their themes, tomorrow.

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