The Strut

Thousands and thousands of Philadelphians will be strutting in the New Year this weekend.    The beauty of The Strut is that anyone can do it.  I think even Elaine of Seinfeld might have had a shot.  It’s a simple dance full of pleasure.  It moves you around your friends and moves you playfully along the road you’re on. It can be done easily and smoothly, or with a frenetic energy and passion. One hand should hold an umbrella and pump it with the music.  If you don’t have an umbrella, you can pump two fingers in the air for 2 Street, Philadelphia’s Mummers Row. The other arm and hand can either hold open a jacket or slightly lift a skirt. Ideally, The Strut involves moving both of your legs and feet in a back and forth and criss-cross fashion.  You may shift from side to side.  You can shuffle easily or kick up a heel.  A Broad Street sized smile is required all the while.  The Strut is felt best when “Oh  Dem Golden Slippers” or “Alabama Jubilee” is playing loudly around you.  It’s proof that a good thing will last. Strutting takes a little longer than marching or walking.  But, life doesn’t move in a straight line.  Maybe that’s why there’s The Strut.

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