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The upcoming Mummers Parade may be more fan friendly than in recent years.  Efforts are well underway to make it so.  Mayor Michael Nutter, Congressman Bob Brady, representatives of the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Mummers today formally announced new drill locations and expanded activities and amenities at locations along the route. The biggest addition is the return of the performance area at Broad and Pine.  Standing at that corner, outside the University of the Arts, Mayor Nutter called the parade, “A fun time.” The Mayor added, “It’s a great opportunity.  It just gets better.”  He also said the Mummers deserve our thanks for hanging in there through the financial pressures the city has experienced and for the Mummers’ efforts to defray city costs.  He also acknowledged the philanthropists who have stepped up as part of the effort. Congressman Bob Brady, who played a key role in establishing the Philadelphia Traditions Fund, which will pay much of the costs of 10 parades, including the Mummers, for the next few years, expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of the city and in its moving to making the parade “really enjoyable.”  He also suggested that he and the Mayor work on getting back to the city the “Show of Shows,” which has been taking place in recent years each February in Atlantic City.  If a return to Philadelphia happens, it would likely be in 2012. The “Show” has already been booked for 2011 in AC.

The parade route performance areas, or zones, will be at Broad and Shunk, Broad and Wolf, Broad and Washington, Broad and Pine and the main judging area, 15th and Market.  Some of these locations will have dj’s.  City officials say families can “warm up and enjoy additional entertainment at the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts at Broad and Washington and at the Kimmel Center at Broad and Spruce. ”  The String Bands likely will have a couple of other music only locations, not the full drill, such as at Broad and Snyder.  10,000 Mummers are expected to strut up Broad Street.  The parade will be see on PHL17 in the Philadelphia region and portions of the parade will also be viewed on stations in Harrisburg/York, Washington, DC and New York.  Photos and video will also be posted on

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  1. Steve, so does this mean now the WB website will broadcast new years’ day? Or is it still not happening? I’m anxiously awaiting to see my beloved mummers and my brothers of Woodland String Band here in El Paso,TX as I work on the border mission here.

    • Afraid not, Chris. will have still photos and some video posted, but nothing live, no streaming. Below is the list of the non-Philadelphia coverage.

      New York City will carry only 2 hours of the parade and as of this writing I have not been informed of which two hours. Whatever they decide will be on channel 11.2 over the air, or the “THIS TV” channel on NY cable.

      Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and Lebanon will carry the full outdoor parade from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on WPMT channel 43.2, not their main channel which is 43.1. If local cable in those communities carries the 43.2 channel it would might be on another number, but it is WPMT’s 43.2.

      In Washington, DC, WDCW will carry three hours of the parade from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., that is most of the string bands, on its main channel.

  2. the string bands are rigged for the south philly bands….polish american won 2 out of 3 awards ..but broad street prize went to a south philly band ..i think that there should b some kind of spending cap so that the smaller bands could have as much as chance as the powerhouse tired of watchin fralinger and quaker city put on these these shows with giant backgrounds that just takes away from the true style of stringbands and costume and music and dance…….. its not how good u play and dance any more its how big ur background boards or how much smoke and glitter u shoot into the stands..the lil bands dont have chance.ill watch it with my family like we do every year and the topic of conversation will be..which south philly band will have the bigger backgound..i say make a even playin field with more in depth rules…like a spending cap

  3. I am from New Orleans and love parades. I have been trying to attend the Mummer’s celebration for the past 20 years. 2011 was my first and hopefully not my last. Although Mardi Gras is my favorite day of the year, the Mummer’s Parade is a very close 2nd. I found all of the groups very friendly, the crowds were very friendly and courteous. The police force that makes events like this possible were the best crowd control cops I’ve ever experienced. They were firm when needed, and ALWAYS polite and respectful. I was truly impressed. I do have to agree with the writer, trying to level the playing field somehow so small groups can compete with the large groups. Maybe a seperate category based on size in the mean time. I have my photos loaded to a Flickr account, they can be viewed at

    Thanks for a truly entertaining day

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