Wishing The Best

Courtesy PASB

Get Well Soon, Marty and Pete!

Two Mummers who are greatly loved are not feeling too well right now and I want to wish them the best for full recoveries.  Marty Rotindo, Jr., of Polish American String Band, fell ill at rehearsal and has been hospitalized.  Marty’s day job is teaching students at a high school in South Jersey.  At night and on weekends, he’s done great work with Polish American String Band and in spreading good cheer among Mummers.   Marty, the Duck needs you. 🙂

Courtesy Broomall SB

Another Mummer is recovering.  Pete Broomall, Sr., of National Park, New Jersey-based Peter A. Broomall String Band. Pete is getting better at home now after a two-day stay at Cooper.  The Broomall family is a strong example of the Mummers tradition.  Pete is a busy Pastor in South Jersey.  He serves two United Methodist Churches, one in Malaga and one in Porchtown.  His ministry, the Mummers and his family make him quite a busy guy.

Please keep these good men in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. The parade will be on PHL17-TV in Philadelphia. Parts of the parade will be broadcast on stations in New York City, Harrisburg-York, and Washington, DC. However, it will not be streamed online. Also, WGN America is not broadcasting any of it this year. Many photos and some video will be posted on myphl17.com, but again, no streaming.

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