The Real Mr. T

Tony Bonanno is what Quaker City String Band means by Class, Pride, and Commitment. The tenor sax player has been a vital part of the band for a quarter of a century. Tony is now in Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia in what has been an on ongoing fight against cancer. This weekend lots of Quaker City members visited him at Methodist. Praising the hospital, QC President Harry Brown says the staff has been “unbelievable” in how kind and flexible they have been. At one point the great nurses and doctors allowed about 20 band members in at once.  Check out this amazing photo.

Other club members stopped by at other times to talk with Tony who has made Quaker City a better organization for a quarter of a century. Tony always has a kind word to say.  As Harry Brown says, “Tony’s never said a bad word about anybody.”  Tony is also godfather to Harry’s daughter, Kennedy.  Mr. Bonanno has made a lot of people better and that’s why so many are rooting for him. Speaking of rooting, Tony is a huge Flyers fan and no doubt that recent last 3 seconds win in overtime by the Orange & Black was cheered loudly by him. Tony Bonanno, his wife, Maria, and their family are great Philadelphians. Keep showing QC and the world what the motto means, Tony.

6 Responses

  1. Complete Class!

  2. Tony, our prayers are with you…always a gentleman , a true mummer!!!!!

  3. Best wishes to and your family. Tony you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. I am a member of the Woodland String Band, although I have always been a huge fan of QC. My dad and two brothers are members of QC and I tell them all the time, that they are the cllassiest bunch of guys in mummery. Granted, in my opinion i think every band would do what they did. They were first to show to class pride and commitment that they stand for. Great job and best of luck to u guys on NYD 2011, and Tony- get well soon!!!!

  5. I can vividly remember Tony driving from South Philly every Wednesday night to pick me up at LaSalle Univeristy to bring me to rehearsal each week. Why? Because that is the kind of guy he is. True, genuine, and kind. The fact that he is a kind soul is the best thing I can say about Tony. Best wishes, my friend!!!!! You are the true embodiment of “Class, Pride & Commitment.”

  6. Tony, We are thinking and praying for you. God bless you.

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